Painting Parallels

from by In Urgency

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Verse 1:

I’m speaking now to the one who holds my captivation
I’ll paint these parallels until the silhouette sun sets across the nation
We got high above our small hometown without a stitch of clothing
When our eyes made love it froze the moment at a moments notice
If I had my way

Verse 2:

We were coming down and as the city slept
We let the patterns paint themselves
Keep your secrets sound in a whiskey bottle a mile north of town
If I had my way I never would’ve said a thing


Run now, before you hurt yourself
Somehow I know this won’t end well
Like running with a pair of scissors
I know I shouldn’t, but I want to kiss her
So I speak now or forever hold my piece
This girl could drown or rescue me
Like sleeping on a bed of razors,
I know I shouldn’t but I have to taste her

Verse 3:

Here’s to you and yours
From the shattered screens to the broken down doors
A finite grandeur on a lonely coast where the pieces drift ashore
Surely you saw the warnings and surely you heed the warnings



But you should know, ’cause I know you’ve got to go
I know you’ve got to, I know you’ve got to go
But he doesn’t want you and you don’t want to
But I know you’ve got to, I know you’ve got to go


In this moment of clarity
Let’s share what we dare not speak
Deep in these catacombs
Just below our clavicles
Tucked behind some flesh and bone


from Painting Parallels, released May 23, 2017



all rights reserved


In Urgency Claremont, California

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